This is a library system developed for a local library, this was created in .NET platform with SQLServer as the data base engine, in this system the books and users images are stored as bits in the Database, with an algorithm that performs the conversion, though this is not the optimal way for handling large amount of image files, for this scenario the purpose was met successfully.



biblio2The system is fully functional with the administrative area where users, books and all of their data can be registered, modified, and deleted, the system also handles the loan of books, charging users for delays in the return of book, and also includes a public section so the library users can search for books, find them in the shelves, and request the loan of the book.

El sistema consiste en una sección administrativa donde se pueden registrar las personas, los libros y todos sus datos, modificar, eliminar, hacer préstamos de libros, cobrar multas por retrasos, etc. De igual forma hay una sección pública para buscar los libros y solicitar el préstamo.



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