About Me


My name is Miguel Castellanos, I am an Engineer in Computer Systems specialized in Software Engineering, I have been working professionally since 2012 creating enterprise software, web applications, and mobile applications, implementing the systems in local and cloud environments, for usage of few internal staff in organizations and thousands of users world wide in a scalable way.

In my spare time I enjoy to produce music, do carpentry, read a good book, play piano, and build lego sets.

I also enjoy primitive camping, this is building your own refuge, cooking your own food with fire made using friction techniques in the middle of the mountains with good company.

I can help your organization building the necessary enterprise software or just help you fix existing problems in your existing proprietary software, I can also help you to create your company webpage, or create any web application and mobile application targeting the latest flagships.

If you think I can help with your software needs or just a consultation don’t hesitate to contact me using the form below, my hourly rate is 100USD.